To deal with constant family turmoil, as a child I learned to "go along and not make waves." I was often terrified, bargaining with God, wondering when the "next shoe would drop."

When I was 11, I found hair pulling. It helped me to manage my anxiety and to keep myself “small" to try to minimize triggering scary outbursts and overreactions of my family.

I became an expert at hiding my challenges. But by my mid-thirties, I was in constant anxiety, extreme high-sensitivity and pulling my hair out most nights for hours on-end. I had already tried many ways to stop, but nothing had worked.

I finally began to thrive when I discovered a way to heal myself that increased my spiritual wholeness and helped me to start reclaiming my true self.

Last year I discovered an incredible way to heal even more of the anxiety that had been trapped in my body for most of my life. This discovery has taken my healing work to an even higher level.

If You Struggle With Anxiety, Do You Frequently...

  • Feel fear, worry, or stress in one or more life areas?
  • Notice a disquiet or discomfort in your body of fear, worry, stress or anxiety?
  • Limit your life or your choices to manage your anxiety?

I’ve discovered an incredible secret... a way to release and fully heal anxiety leaving you in lasting peace. Are you finally ready to embrace a permanent solution for your anxiety?

If You Struggle With Hair Pulling, Do You Frequently...

  • Fight the desire to pull your hair out?
  • Lose time hair pulling, surrounded by piles of pulled-out hair, terrified of finding bald spots in the mirror?
  • Avoid people and activities because of your shame about the way you look?

Like me, you may have believed that hair pulling initially helped you to feel better, but compulsive hair pulling actually increases your anxiety load. Hair pulling and anxiety create a never-ending cycle of hair-loss, shame and feelings of helplessness.

Would you like a deeper, long-term solution that improves your life far beyond just ending the pulling? My healing approach is unique, powerful and proven. However, it is not for everyone.

It is for you if you are...

  • Tired of fighting your hairpulling and anxiety and tired of ineffective ways of stopping them.
  • Ready to permanently claim your inner-peace.
  • Open to my deeper, natural, energy-based solution.
  • Willing to do your part to heal.
  • Aware that your healing may take some time.


My name is Liz and I'm from Ohio. I started pulling my hair when I was 8 years old. Since I have been working with Abby and her program, I have uncovered and resolved many wounds from my past that have not only resolved my hair pulling, but my long-time anxiety issues as well.

-- Liz Fisher, Ohio

Liz Fisher

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“The world needs to hear about what you're doing for people!

"Solving the hair pulling problem solved other problems too: for me, less anger, more control of my reactions to things, greater awareness of my own intuition and of things that other people are communicating.”

Thanks, Abby, for cracking the code on this!"

--Perry Marshall, Illinois

Perry Marshall


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"Abby Helped Me to Find the Core of My Pulling!"

"I pulled more than 20 years and never knew why. Abby helped me to find the core of my hair pulling and heal it. I learned why it started and actually remembered the exact time, place, age and what was going on in my life at the time it began."  

-LIz Fisher, Ohio 

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