The Costs of Hair Pulling; Is What is the Price to Pay for Trichotillomania?

by Abby Leora Rohrer

While hair pulling is free; life with or without trichotillomania has its costs.

"Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain. Who would choose suffering unless he thought it brought him something, something of value?"
--A Course in Miracles

I truly relate to this passage. It reminds me that one of my biggest steps toward healing my own trichotillomania came in a sudden flash of insight. I had just left the office of a noted psychiatrist. I had gone in feeling hopeful-- maybe this doctor had THE ANSWER to stop my hair pulling.

I sat in my car and reflected on the session. I practiced squeezing the steering wheel instead of pulling my hair at a traffic light and thought about keeping a journal of my pulling activity when in a flash I realized that I enjoy pulling out my hair! I got something out of it. It felt good in some indescribable way and I wasn't yet willing to let go of it.

A few years later I permanently let go of hair pulling by using the same system that I teach at TrichotillomaniaFree Women's University. It happened when I came to the place in my own mind where I understood that the pain of continuing to pull was costing me more than what I thought the cost of stopping would be. I had done enough of inner work to release myself from hair pulling.

How about you? Do the costs of pulling yet outweigh the cost of letting it go?

Join me on the other side of hair pulling and a life free of trichotillomania!

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