The “One-Step, One-Minute Hair Pulling Cure™”

by Abby Leora Rohrer

While there is no magical mystery cure for trichotillomania, there is a tried and true, One-Step, One-Minute Cure™ for each and every man, woman or child struggling with compulsive hair pulling.

What is this One-Step, One-Minute Cure™?

How does it work to end hair pulling?

By removing the negative inner judgment that plagues you
and causes you to be intensely self-critical. 

This judgment causes you to view yourself through the eyes of what you believe others think about you and the more negative it is, the more power you allow it to have over you.

Removing your negative inner judgment is the “instant-fix” that you’ve been seeking for your hair pulling problem. Unfortunately, our self-judgments are so well entrenched and  enforced by society that few are able to take this to heart enough to free themselves for good.

Medication and cognitive behavior therapy, self-help hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP are treatments that hair pullers commonly try early on though they rarely work. Addictions and compulsions like trichotillomania can’t be “quick-fixed” away because they are really soul issues disguised as body issues. 

Soul issues must be dealt with as such. They come to you for a deeper reason and from a deeper cause. Soul issues are the primary force to grow and deepen as humans. If not for these, we would merrily skip on about our business but we would not grow our souls.

When you find yourself struggling to end your hair pulling, stop and use the One-Step, One Minute Hair Pulling Cure™:

Here it is in a nutshell:

“I can stop hair pulling for good and I do it easily and quickly.
Each time I harshly judge myself, I can quickly find a place of self-compassion and perfect peace and I do it.”

Each time you say these statements you are training your mind to believe that hair pulling is resolvable (which it is) and that you can remove unfair self-criticism from your life. You are also clearing a space for grace and Spirit in any form in which you believe to enter and bring you the perfect experiences to free yourself from hair pulling for good.

The One-Step, One-Minute Cure™ for Trichotillomania is very effective so if you find yourself unable to make it work for you, it means that:

Other quick-fix solutions are unlikely to work for you so save yourself the time and money for a “solution” that cannot help you resolve your deeper issues.

What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?You’ll need to find and resolve the deeper reasons why you cannot stop your self-judgment and hair pulling with the One-Step, One-Minute Cure™. 

If you’d like more help to stop hair pulling you can visit my 123TrichotillomaniaFree web site which discusses my book, What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out? It's a great place to begin. It is also available from this website and can be purchased right now using this order link >> What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?

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