Ending Your Hair Pulling Habit; The Biggest Hair Puller Myth

by Abby Leora Rohrer

Here's how it works for hairpullers:

"When I stop my hair pulling habit life will be perfect!"

This myth has affected every hair puller I've ever known. In fact, it influences every compulsion sufferer, depression sufferer and anyone in emotional pain that I've known or worked with.

The fact is that when you stop hair pulling, your life will be pretty much the same as it's always been though you may have a bit more hair. But having more hair isn't going to completely transform who you are on the inside, right? Or how you go about living your life and interacting in relationships.

The truth of it is, your life will be what YOU make of it. The Pull-Free, At Last! System is designed to not only help you end your hair pulling habit, but it will also help you to dramatically improve your self-esteem, hugely improve your relationships and have a lot more happiness and love in your life.

Your hair pulling is NOT the cause of every problem in your life. It is simply a SYMPTOM of your life problems.

Now is the time to get going, get working and heal the underlying reasons WHY you pull so that you can create the most perfect life for you!

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