Hair Pulling, Will Your Next Pull be Your Last?

by Abby Leora Rohrer

Maybe this hair (or binge, job, meal, lover, encounter) will finally satiate you. Maybe it will be enough. Once and for all--maybe it really will. So you do it but it never satisfies--it is never enough, you enjoy hair pulling. You delude yourself into thinking that maybe the next one will do it for you or the next or the one after that. But it never does and there is no end to your trichotillomania.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Maybe the next binge, maybe the next hair, maybe the next dress, maybe the next high, maybe the next person, maybe the next job and on and on and on. Where will the end be? When will you choose to give up your addiction to the power of your special wound?

Caroline Myss says that we've learned to relate to one another through our woundedness. This was certainly true for me-- how about you? Do you find yourself always focused on problems that give you endless material to connect with other wounded souls?

Since beginning my healing journey, I've found myself relating to others in a new way--one that focuses on sharing hope rather than despair. I've worked hard to let go of my addiction to wounds--the horror of compulsive hair pulling, the disgrace of a failed marriage, co-dependency as a religion, my unhappy childhood, my crazy family and more. You can too.

How? Above all else, make the choice to heal. Choose freedom over wounds. Decide you're worth it. Start today.

Join me on the other side of hair pulling!

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