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Confidential Note to My Hairdresser About Trich

Dear (Name of Hairdresser),

I have an issue that makes me feel very uncomfortable getting my hair cut.

I struggle with a problem you may never have heard of, but is very important for you to know about.  It is called Trichotillomania (or trich for short).  This means that I feel compelled to pull hair from my (head, eyebrows, eyelashes--- fill in this area with whatever is appropriate for you).

Approximately 2% of the population (or up to 11 million Americans) suffer with this problem, usually in silence because of the stigmas associated with behavioral problems.  The cause(s) of compulsive hairpulling are not well known and there are many different theories about its origins.

Being a hairdresser, I am sure you might now understand why I am extremely uncomfortable directly discussing my problem with anyone or being in an environment where others might notice my (bald patches, lack of eyebrows, etc.)  Please respect the sensitive nature of my issue and DO NOT ask me questions or bring it up with me. 

I am working to find a solution and you can assist by helping me to look the best that I can at this time.

As a hairdresser, if you are interested in learning more about trich and recommendations, please read the article that I have included with this note.

Thank you.

(Sign your first name)

View and print the Hairdresser Journal article