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TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's University

Need A Roadmap To Freedom From Trich?

We've got one!

Come Learn How to Heal Yourself and
Join Our Growing Community of Those Who Are Pull-Free, At Last!


Are you ready to:

  • Get your hair back?
  • Stop hiding in shame and limiting your life because of bald spots or lack of eyelashes or eyebrows?
  • End your anxiety or depression?
  • No longer feel isolated and alone or worry that you're nuts because you can't stop pulling?

    Proven Trichotillomania Ending Program
    for Women Hair Pullers

    Watch our short video now to learn all about TrichotillomaniaFree Women’s University, our proven online program for ending hair pulling. In addition to trichotillomania, this powerful program also works to resolve many other painful issues such as anxiety.

For Women Only!

These monthly subscriptions are billed every 30 days and may be cancelled at the end of any monthly billing period. The cost after the first 30 days is $77 per month. No refunds for partial months. Introductory offer good one time for new subscribers only. For additional assistance or more information, please call us at 303.546.0788.



"If you've found Abby, it isn't by accident. Take the risk and start the program. I promise you it is soooo worth it!!"

- Kate, 2008 Mentoring Student, now free of hair pulling


What is TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's University?

TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's U is a revolutionary program for ending trich.  It is a comprehensive, in-depth, self-paced, on-line educational solution that shows women of all ages how to permanently free themselves from compulsive hair pulling. 

How does it work?

As a TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's U student, you will follow a carefully crafted 32-week proven program designed to fully free you from hair pulling.  You will begin with the Week 1 lesson and materials and move through the program completely at your own pace. 

You will also be invited to join our international community of women, who instead of commiserating about what the others say can't be done about trich, are commited to healing and encourage one another along their way to gaining freedom from trich.

You have the opportunity to introduce yourself, if you choose, or you can remain completely anonymous.  Either way, you can still end your hair pulling for good.

You will even have the opportunity to ask Abby and her advanced students questions you may have about trichotillomania, or the roadblocks you may have been facing to speed up your healing time. Chances are, they've encountered and have gone past similar roadblocks to healing. Best of all, you will simply be blown away by the relief and out-right euphoria of truly knowing that you are no longer alone.

In addition to the online materials and community, the program includes:

  • One live monthly group telephone classes with Abby Leora Rohrer,
    the founder of TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's U

    • One group Q & A mentoring call
    • Two group support-focused student calls
    • Bonus, one extra group call each month
      when you become free of hair pulling

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Who is it for?

The program is for any compulsive hair pulling woman, age 17 or older, no matter where you pull from.

Please note: If you have a psychological diagnosis in addition to trichotillomania, or if you ingest hair, you may need to work with a licensed therapist or doctor while you complete the program.

Listen to a sample class on ending hair pulling now...

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TrichotillomaniaFree Women's University  Features & Benefits
Pull-Free, At Last! Lesson Modules -
15 powerful lessons to get you free fast!
Weekly Support Emails & Quick Healing Tips -
a motivational email every 4-5 days!
Online Healing Lesson Discussion Forum - everything you need to focus on healing hair pulling rather than living with it!
Mega-ongoing with history
Audio Vault Access - in these online audios Abby teaches exactly how to free yourself!
Condensed What’s Wrong…? Book Audio -
a powerful intro to the University
Women’s Advanced Support Community -
we are family and you will be too! 
How Healing Really Works Special Report - deep truths about healing & freedom.
Extra Lesson Modules & Advanced Tools - even more powerful personal growth info you won't find anywhere else!
Twice Monthly Group Support & Discussion Calls
Live Group Calls with Abby -  60 minutes per month to help you find your "core" and get your questions about healing trich answered!
Live Calls & Recordings Included

The Pull-Free, At Last! Audio Vault contains more than 120 hours of audio recordings on healing! Listening to 1-2 each month will add tremendous power to your process!  The Extended Audio Vault contains 72 more hours of class recordings & counting!

For Women Only! 

These monthly subscriptions are billed every 30 days and may be cancelled at the end of any monthly billing period. The cost after the first 30 days is $77 per month. No refunds for partial months. Introductory offer good one time for new subscribers only. For additional assistance or more information, please call us at 303.546.0788.


What is the community like?

TrichotillomaniaFree™ Women's U has elements similar to a specialized university and includes:

  • an in-depth curriculum which includes all of the healing lessons and two previously recorded classes each week
  • an online campus environment with an active discussion of the program philosophy and lessons
  • an amazing community of non-judgment coupled with a new kind of support. 

You will find that this type of support may be something you have never experienced previously. One that draws you towards healing and freedom rather than living with or resigning yourself to a life of pulling.

Many current students say that before joining they were concerned they might encounter a community of wierdos.  But they came anyway because they didn't know what else to do or how to help themselves.

What they discovered was a truly loving, beautiful, and exceptionally intelligent community of amazing women (this is no exaggeration!) who all felt on some level that they just "didn't fit in" elsewhere.  They have come to know this community as a truly accepting and non-judgmental home. We have no doubt, that you will also find a warm and loving home here.

What are the forums like?

It's not a slick website but it is unbelieveably powerful, effective and truthful. This program tells the real, unadulterated truth about getting free from trich. We know how to do it and we believe you're probably past the point of looking for a fairytale or fantasy.  You just want a real way to get free. We're right here with you! The fact is that true freedom from trich takes commitment and honesty.  If you're willing to bring these with you, we've got everything else you need already online, waiting for you right now!

The program is designed in an easy to follow format.  We've kept it simple because hair pullers are often highly-sensitive and can get overwhelmed.  So we've got a ton of info inside of a fairly plain wrapper.  You don't need frills, right?  You just need a real solution to end trich.  Well, we've got it!

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is completely self-paced.  You decide how long you will take to complete the material and find your way to freedom! Students have freed themselves in as little as 60 days, though 4-6 months may be more the average for active students.


What if my situation is different?

If you are a compulsive hair puller who pulls hair from any place on your own body, our method can work for you.

What does the program include?

The full program which includes all of the following:

  • Online healing trich (from the core) program contains both written lessons and audio recordings.  This program effectively resolves the deep issues underlying compulsive hair pulling.
  • Built-in healing-focused women's support community with forum access
  • One live, monthly 90-minute group telephone classes with Abby Leora Rohrer
  • Special discounts on private mentoring and upcoming programs

Listen to a sample class on ending hair pulling now...

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Can I take a tour or a "test drive"?

We provide Women's University tours on-request from women hair pullers who are seriously considering becoming a student.  If you would like a tour of the University, simply click on the "email us" link at the bottom of this page and put in the subject line: "TFWU Tour Request".

We don't allow test drives because this is a closed community and we are committed to keeping the forum as confidential and productive for all students as possible. It wouldn't be fair to those who have made the commitment and are working hard on their own healing. Since the minimum subscription period is just 30 days, there's little risk to you.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe for a month to see if it's right for you. 

Listen to a sample class on ending hair pulling now...

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Do you have any testimonials?

We've got tons of them and hope you'll be our next one!  These are all from students who have participated in this program:


"I have gained freedom from my 19 year hair pulling addiction and through those 19 years [I finally learned] I have been completely normal, not some freak.  The program and Abby's mentoring are exceptional.  The forum has been great and the support has been so heart-warming."

"Oh my God. What haven't I gained? My perspective, my grasp, my understanding of life and more specifically my life. I know it's no where near complete but I feel so confident that I am headed in the right direction whereas before I felt like I was wandering aimlessly. I gained a trust. That's probably the biggest one for me. Trust in the future and the plan of the universe."

"I have thoroughly LOVED this healing program! I have loved every part of this incredible spiritual journey. I LOVE all the amazing ladies that I have shared this healing journey with. We share a soul bond. Words can't adequately express what I feel for Abby. She is the BEST!!!! She is "tireless". She has been there for me and everyone else 110%. She has never given up on me. She has stretched me to go beyond my self-limitations! She inspired & encouraged me! She is a GREAT teacher. She has shown me what TRUE freedom is all about. This Incredible program is truly Divinely inspired. My life is changed forever! I LOVE YOU ABBY! Much Love & Gratitude."

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"Abby is so good at leading you in the direction towards healing, teaching you to trust youself, follow your instincts, and do what feels right for you. The program has been very helpful, and the private calls with Abby are invaluable! DO IT! If you've found Abby, it isn't by accident. Take the risk and start the program, it's soo worth it!!"

"It's awesome...it's been such a catalyst for me!   Especially since the addition of the Released forum, because that allows exchange and support for the additional needs post-release as well, while the main forum gives a wonderful place to discover our commonalities and to know that we are not alone."

"The wisdom, insight and expertise of Abby which has amazed me and has been very valuable and helpful to me."

"Also, the discussions on the calls are always pertinent and enlightening, even when I don't say a word, so listening after the fact gives the same effect."

‹‹‹—Read more testimonials in the blue box to the left!

"Here's what I've gained:  Release from hairpulling. A new spiritual direction and "calling." Self-acceptance and love. A community...."no longer alone!" Faith in other people. Focus, self-confidence. Broader horizons. :-) Definitely. Abby often suggested outside resources that were astoundingly pertinent. And, her responses were typically insightful and compassionate and TRUSTWORTHY."

"I have learned so much that I wouldn't have otherwise  -- about addictions, needs, boundaries, co-dependency, abuse etc. It has been an amazing learning experience and incredibly supportive. It has truely been a very positive experience, lifechanging! It was great to be able to listen to some of the calls I missed, because every call was different, and had valuable information and experiences of others. I felt like the calls were a lifeline ..."

"The program has brought together a group of women from all over the world who struggle with the same addiction. It gave us a voice, a story and a way of communicating that was nonjudgemental or critical. I was never afraid to go deep into my wounds, because I knew that my words would be met with grace and love. I am and will be eternally grateful to have found Abby and her program. She is a voice of reason, of respect, of compassion, of understanding and of genuine love. After watching the 20/20 show on Trichotillomania, it made me sad that those woman had lost hope in getting better. My hope is that Abby and her pilgrims will someday reach all human beings who struggle with this addiction."

"I now know that I am no longer alone. Although I am still learning, I am a much calmer person and think before I act instead of being so impulsive. I feel more connected and I have lifetime tools to work with now. It has been a privilege to be in this program and I am very thankful. I have actually gained my life back. I have gained a new best friend - me and have gained friends from around the world!"

Listen to a sample class on ending hair pulling now...

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"It's great to have a safe place I can go to get help and to express my feelings and to know there are others that have some of the same feelings as I do. The one place I can go and not feel alone, knowing I can say anything and...we have built such a trust relationship, nothing is held back. It's open, honest and a truly helping, healing experience.  The forum is very easy to use. I've gained sooooo much. One thing is patterns I've started to realize I do and that I have the power to change. By helping myself through this whole journey I can be a much better (or try to be) mom to my children. There are truly not enough words to express my gratitude to Abby. I was so skeptical in the beginning, but now I truly believe this is the ONLY way to heal--from the inside. The benefits far outweigh the cost of the program."

"I have been to a number of therapists/life coaches over a few years and i would regard a number of them as excellent, but none of them ever got close to helping me ending hairpulling as Abby did. Also they did not teach me the wonderful techniques I learned in this programme and the fact that I have total power to help myself. I liked the way Abby always put things back in our hands and reminds us that we have the power to help ourselves and we are the authority in our own lives. Abbys dedication and aim for us all to heal has been wonderful, and her belief that we will all heal."

"I am much more proactive about my healing now, with the techniques I have I know I can help myself at any moment I need to. The forum has been a great support and I am delighted that it will be continuing. Thank you so much for continuing to help us to become pull free!"

"The ongoing personal connection with Abby and everyone on the calls, and just learning something new and important every week. The calls inspired me, taught me, and moved me more than any reading could do! It is wonderful and has been really important for me to maintain a connection with others in this programme, and has been invaluable as a source of information and learning. I am happy with the forum's current structure I haven't had any problems using it."

"This program could not have come at a better time for me. Abby has not only helped me with my addiction, but also our daughter who struggles with another addiction. I think of the ladies on the forum everyday and will never forget this experience."

"Abby is so compassionate and sweet and it keeps me motivated to continue with my healing. I have gained an understanding of why I struggled with pulling my hair out since the 5th grade. she had a perspective that I would not have realized and helped me understand my past and my present."

"It's a GREAT community of support. A voice of understanding and love that I never knew existed before I found Abby. The forum is there 24/7 whenever I need a word of encouragement or advice."

"Abby is delightful, warm, clear speaking voice, calm and a joy to work with. She listens and picks up immediately on what we are saying and this helps to get to the point of things. She knows her material and how to help us go where we need to go. I am very happy that I found her and her program and will tell many others about her."

"The mentoring program has changed my life in a way that is beyond words. It has been a total Spiritual Awakening for me! I have learned what true healing means. I am more aware of my true essence. This experience goes way beyond hair pulling. Hair pulling was the tip of the iceberg. It is just a symptom of something so much deeper."