Regarding Medicating Children for Hair Pulling

by Abby Leora Rohrer

"The first time she (our adopted daughter) began the hair pulling was when she failed 4th grade. She takes four different medications.*  She is under the care of a psychiatrist and goes to a social worker.  Recently we had to cut back on the social worker services due to finances. Our medical bills are outrageous!"


"I thought that my 5 yr old son had stopped pulling, however he started up again two weeks ago. It's his eyelashes that he was pulling out and now he has NONE! I've been through a few therapists and none are working. He is now on three medications."


"My daughter was on Concerta for two years when she started pulling her hair."

Studies show that medication has no real success rate and is little more than a Band-Aid for hair pulling.  The side effects can be severe and scientists do not know the long-term effects of placing a child's still-developing brain under the influence of psychiatric drugs.

Be wary of any practitioner who tells you that medication is necessary to treat hair pulling. 

For more information on the legitimate concerns of psychiatric drug therapy on children go to:

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